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Chapter 7 bankruptcies are filed for a standard amount of $1,250.00 in most cases, which includes all costs and fees. Payment plans are available to help make the process of filing and proceeding through a bankruptcy as easy as it can be. Call today for your FREE initial consultation and find out if Chapter 7 bankruptcy is right for you and your financial situation. 973-675-5622

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Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases can cost as little as $0 (no money down) to file the case, plus costs and fees. In many cases the remaining portion of the fees and costs are paid over the 3 to 5 year life of the bankruptcy plan. Call today for your FREE initial consultation where we can discuss if you're eligible for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and what it will cost to file your case. 973-675-5622

  • Chapter 13: as little as no money down to file the case plus fees and costs, with the remaining balance paid over the 3-5 year life of the bankruptcy plan

  • Chapter 7: $1,250.00, including all costs and fees to file

  • Payment plans are available

  • FREE initial consultation

Chapter 7 fees and costs

Chapter 13 fees and costs

Bankruptcy fees and costs

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