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Completing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy releases all of your debts except for student loans and child support payments. This lets you get a fresh start without collectors harassing you and garnishments eating away at your hard-earned pay check. Arrangements can often be made to let you keep your assets, such as your home or car. Call today for your FREE consultation and let us help you decide if Chapter 7 is right for you. 973-675-5622

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Chapter 7 bankruptcies usually take around 4 months to complete, if there are no assets involved. Filing your case stops all debt collection activites right away. Then, unless there are objections, the discharge of debts is entered roughly 120 days after the case was filed. This discharge will prevent creditors from ever collecting on the debts covered by the discharge, such as medical bills and payday loans.

Filing bankruptcy offers several benefits. First and foremost filing the case immediate stops debt collectors from calling you and stops garnishments from your pay check. This will also stop foreclosures on your home or repossessions on your car while the bankruptcy is moving forward. Don't let creditors harass you at home or at work any longer: call today and take the first steps toward being debt free. 973-675-5622

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